DevTools – Develop 10 times faster!

DevTools is a new development environment that supplies a high degree of coding power for the STM32 family of micro-controllers from STMicroelectronics. This new tool-box offers 3 complementary tools: Agilia, µOne and a complete set of librairies and services created by AIM.

DevTools is a technological breakthrough in the automation/embedded software industry. It provides a competitive edge by allowing projects to be created 10 times faster!!

Its intuitive and user friendly interfaces means that setting up your hardware, choosing your embedded system and programming your application can be completed with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

This simplicity is by no means a compromise on functionality!

With DevTools, use µOne to configure your hardware and program your system. AIM’s own real-time AgCore kernel and multi-threaded operating system µRTS can be used to create powerful multi-task applications that can include Ethernet, modbus and RS232 communincations.

Use Agilia to program applications graphically by linking function blocks together. Create intuitive GUIs quickly and easily to control your applications. Not limited to graphical programming, you can even include your own functions in C.

To help you make the most of this innovation you have integrated assistants, tutorials, online help and practical examples at the click of a button…

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