µOne is a development workshop dedicated to STM32 micro-controllers. Its is a tool based on Eclipse enriched by a set high performance plug-ins. It can be used independently to program applications using µRTS core or baremetal mode. Or use it to create your AgCore system and then switch to Agilia to quickly program your applications graphically.

Its assistants accompanies developers through the different stages of project creation:


– Hardware Manager – Define your hardware configuration: select your micro controller reference, configure GPIOs and clocks.

– System Manager – Choose your embedded operating system: µRTS, AgCore or Bare-metal.

– Ressources Manager  – Select the resources and libraries you require (graphics engine, screen driver, stacks, etc…)

– Application Manager –  Program your multi-task embedded applications.

µOne automatically generates the source and binary code necessary at each stage meaning you dont have to. Combined with Agilia you can create applications without writing a single line of code!

From the 1st of July try µOne for Free with DevTools!

 µOne Demonstration: