AIM are experts in software development and engineering. We create real-time solutions from the ground up including: low level software, real-time kernels, programming workbenches and SDKs, diagnostic and development tools, communication protocols, file management systems, parametrisation tools and educational examples.

This is the result of AIMs 38 years of experience in real time instrumentation on PLCs.

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Development Software

Our latest product, DevTools, combines our graphical programming workshop Agilia and our SDK µOne. Click a tab below to find out more…


DevTools, what is it?


Low Level Software


The µRTS kernel is AIM’s powerful real-time multi threaded operating system designed for micro-controllers. It offers task and object management allowing synchronisation and dialogue between them.
The goal of this software is to:

  • Manage thread priorities
  • Perform task synchronisation by semaphores
  • Assign activation time slots (time-slice) to threads of the same priority
  • Place tasks into a wait state for a given time
  • Place tasks into an infinite wait and to reactivate them on demand
  • Delete tasks and semaphores
  • Manage events between tasks
  • Periodically activate tasks

Its purpose is to offer a real-time micro-kernel for developing applications in “C” as well as to enable Agilia to activate tasks in parallel to the instantiation engine of function blocks.


The AgCore system contains the Agilia kernel. The Agilia kernel is the backbone to the Agilia graphical programming environment and enables the execution of graphically programmed applications. These applications are written with the help of function blocks linked together to perform the actions of the program. This kernel is capable of using resources and can work in parralel to or independantly from the µRTS kernel by using shared memory.
This system is powerful while also being very compact, the Agilia Core uses 26KB of memory and is even available in light mode requiring only 14KB.

AgCore illustration