Automation Hardware

This page details some of the automation hardware systems available from AIM. All of these systems can be programmed using the Agilia graphial programming environment.

AIM-Kit 1 with colour touch-screen

The AIM-Kit1 is a new development kit from AIM. It is available with a range of STM32 micro-controllers and is designed for use with DevTools to allow you to rapidly evaluate the chosen micro-controller. Use the Agilia graphical programming environment to quickly and easily create GUIs for the integrated touchscreen without writing a single line of code.

aimkit1-rev.B_robot_5_logosThe AIM-Kit1 Features:

2.4″ colour touch-screen

  • STM32 F0, F1, F2, F4 or L1 microcontrollers
  • Potentiometer
  • 4 push buttons
  • 4 LEDs 
  • Relay
  • Buzzer
  • UART/CAN connector
  • Extension connectors
  • AIM-Link for SWD programming and debugging

The AIM-Kit 1 is now available from our online store!

You can add even more functionality to your AIM-Kit1 with these extension boards!

PLC Extension Board – Add several digital and analogue I/Os to your kit



Motor Control Extension Board – Control two DC motors or one stepper motor



Ethernet Extension Board – Add Ethernet conectivity to your kit



The AT3100 Touchscreen Controller Series

The touchscreen controllers of the AT3100 series include:

  • 32 bit processor
  • 4.7″ colour touchscreen
  • Digital and analogue I/Os
  • Communication on universal buses and networks: Ethernet, modbus, RS232 and RS485.

Touchscreen automation hardware


With the AT3100 you have a full platform complete with development tools: Graphical programming, controller language, C language, communication protocols and an extensive range of function blocks and graphics. Use it with AIM’s AIO System modules to control and visualise your applications.

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AIO System – Modular automation systems from AIM.

AIO system is a range of modular real-time controllers and remote I/Os that function over universal buses and networks: Ethernet, WiFi, RS232, RS485, GPRS…

The range goes from µcontrollers with 7 I/Os to real-time controllers with double Ethernet ports, 512 I/Os, saved memory, and embedded web server.

More than 50 modules with inputs and outputs such as: Digital, analogue, voltage, current, PT100/1000, thermocouples, rapid counters, encoders, stepper motor controls, relays, touch screen…

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Demonstration of the GPRS modem module (in French):